TaskMate Journey

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The Health Posture TaskMate Journey 6200 will transform your current work surface into an ergonomic height adjustable workstation with the simple push of a button. Fatigue and discomfort can be avoided by standing periodically throughout the day while increasing work productivity. The TaskMate is an ergonomic solution that works well in many environments.
Start with the basic TaskMate and add whatever accessories you desire to set up your workspace to comfortably fit your needs. Adding a flat screen monitor arm, keyboard tray and copyholder are perfect for your office environment (the monitors shown in the product images are for demonstration purposes; monitors are not included with this purchase). You can raise and tilt (positively or negatively) the keyboard tray independently (with a lift range of 7 inches) with the adjustable mechanism. The monitor platform can hold any size or any type of monitor, from flat panel screen to 75-pounds CRT.  Add the durable tabletop surface option for a height adjustable workbench for light assembly. The adjustability of the TaskMate is also a great addition to a multi-user and multi-shift workplace.

  • Small enough to fit onto an existing desk (or workbench)

  • Durable enough for daily use

  • Electronic actuator moves the TaskMate to just the right level quietly

  • Non-slip surface of the TaskMate is durable enough to handle just about any task

  • Non-slip pads and velcro attachments on the base (mounting bolts are also available)

  • Base is designed to lift as much as 70 pounds

  • Base front is 14 inches

  • Depth of base is 21 inches

  • Height of travel is 5 1/2 to 18 inches

  • TaskMate base is 5.5" off the work surface in its lowest position.

  • Keyboard lowest position is 4" below the work surface, the highest keyboard position is 18" above the work surface

  • Color Dark Gray

  • Made in the USA