SlimTouch 3 RGB Colors Illuminated Compact Size USB Keyboard

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The Adesso® AKB-120EB-3-Color Illuminated Compact Multimedia keyboard is the perfect keyboard for users who work late at night and love hotkeys. This stylishly designed keyboard features eye-soothing backlit illuminated keys in red, green, and blue -- 3 colors which can be switched easily with one touch of a key! With letters printed in twice the size of that of regular keyboards, they are clear and easy to read, increasing productivity, especially in dim environments. Hotkeys also provide quick access to your media player controls, Internet, and other common applications. The Adesso® AKB-120EB is designed with membrane key switches that provide a quieter, faster response and stand up to long-term usage. Adesso® SlimTouch 120 is the perfect tool designed for use in any hour of the day!

altKeyboard Layout: alt104-Key US layout
altConnection: altUSB
altKeyboard Type: altMembrane Switch Technology
altInternet Hotkeys: alt5 Internet Hotkeys (Email, Search, Backward, Forward, Home)
altMedia Hotkeys alt4 Media Hotkeys (Play/Pause, Mute, Volume Up & Down)
altLED Hotkeys: alt4 LED Hotkeys (Light On/Off, Brightness Up/Dn, Change Color)
altDimension: alt15.83" x 6.38" x 0.98" (402 x 162 x 25 mm)
altWeight: alt1.7 lbs