The Ergonomic Trackball Mouse

A Track Ball often makes a very nice alternative to a mouse. An ergonomic trackball mouse is an effective alternative to the traditional mouse. Not only are there the ergonomic advantages, but they also are space savers. Many find substantial reductions to wrist, hand, finger, and shoulder stress. That is due to three primary ergonomic advantages:

  • The design puts your hand in a more natural resting position.
  • Since you move the ball, and not the mouse, you are better able to keep your hands in the healthiest position which is between your shoulders.
  • Many trackballs rely on the thumb for the more common left click. As the thumb is opposable, this causes less stress on the less flexible index finger.

Advantages of the Ergonomic Trackball?

There are three major overall advantages. Any one of these three are reason enough for many users to replace their mouse with a track ball.

  • Travel – many laptop users utilize travel mice. These are just miniature versions of the traditional mouse. The trackball may be larger, but it actually requires less surface area to operate. And where travel adds ergonomic challenges, why not minimize that by utilizing the ergonomic advantages of a track ball.
  • Gaming - this is a huge market for mouse manufacturers. Some mice can cost well over $100. But many old school gamers started on a trackball, and they would never go back to a mouse. They like the fact that you never have to lift your device to keep it moving (as with a mouse). 
  • Ergonomics – if you are using a mouse all day long, you are putting a lot of stress on your wrist. The traditional ‘mousing’ position is very unnatural. The area needed to operate a mouse increases the required range of motion. The track ball provides a quick fix. First, the thumb is much more flexible than the wrist. The thumb can move in 4 directions (up, down, left, right) while the hand and wrist rest. As well, the healthiest hand position is within the width of your shoulders. The trackball does not require movement, as does the mouse.