What is a Touchpad?

A touch pad is a device that you often see on a laptop. It is a pointing device that replaces the mouse.
And for many, an ergonomic touchpad has therapeutic benefits. But they are typically not available on desktop keyboards. So based on the demand, the ergonomic touchpad is now readily available.

Touchpads are generally utilized with finger-touch. However, many are available and compatible with a pen or stylus.

Who Benefits from an Ergonomic Touch Pad?

There are ergonomic benefits for everyone. Many experts are now suggesting alternating between a handshake (thumb up) ergonomic mouse, and a touch pad. They are often prescribed with people suffering from repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. But they don’t just help those with RSI or CTS.

For many folks, a touchpad can be a lifeline for those with limited mobility or disabilities. A touch pad can serve as a temporary solution for those recovering from an accident. And they can also be part of a long-term plan for those with more permanent disabilities and mobility issues. They are just one more item that can make some people’s lives just a little bit easier.

Synaptic Touchpad Driver

This is not really anything that the average computer ever needs to understand, much less worry about. But for inquiring minds, it is simply the driver that enables the touchpad to work with a given computer. So if your touch pad does not work upon plugging in, you may need to install the required driver from your system manufacturer’s support website.