Specialty Keyboards

Ergonomic Specialty Keyboards?

Do you need a specialty keyboard that covers functions like these?

  • Smart Card Technology
  • Multi-media
  • Evoluent Mouse Friendly
  • Roll it up and GO!
  • Backlighting
  • Arabic / English bi-lingual
  • Farsi (Persian) / English bi-lingual

What makes a Keyboard Ergonomic?

It's all in the design. Traditional keyboards require you to posture everything to fit the keyboard. The engineered contours of the ergonomic design bring the keyboard to you. It's a natural fit. It gives your wrist and hands a break.

Keyboard Ergonomics DO Matter

Repetitive strain injuries are becoming commonplace. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to relieve this stress. This can make all the difference in improving the safety of the work environment. Reducing discomfort and fatigue leads to a happier workplace.