Mini Keyboards

What are Mini Keyboards?

They are sometimes referred to as compact keyboards or small footprint keyboards. Where most keyboards are 18 inches wide, mini keyboards are 9-15 inches wide. The reduction in size is often as a result of removing the keypad.

Why Mini Keyboards?

The most common reasons one would use a mini keyboard are:

  • Limited or small workspace. The keyboard tray may have limited size. It may be that desk space is very cramped.
  • Loss of function in one arm or hand. In this case, a smaller keyboard may help with range of motion issues. A smaller footprint may also reduce fatigue.

An Ergonomic Keyboard

Traditional keyboards don't fit your hands any better than a folding chair fits your body. An ergonomic keyboard is like those comfy chairs at Sharper Image. If you make the change, your hands and wrists will be much happier!

Why an Ergonomic Keyboard?

The top benefit of Ergonomic Keyboards is that they are engineered to reduce the stress of carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries. Many are adopting them in a move to improve overall health and safety. They reduce fatigue and discomfort.