Left-Handed Keyboards

Left Handed Keyboards

Are you looking to fit into a keyboard, or to have a keyboard fit you? Left handed keyboards originated due to the demand for 10-key setup to be nearer their dominant hand. These keyboards became popular, also, with right-handed folks that wanted the mouse closer to the letter section of their keyboard, without losing the functionality of a dual-mode keypad.

We hope you will find what you need with these, as well as our other products supporting better office ergonomics.

Keyboards and Ergonomics

Since your hands aren't relaxed on a traditional keyboard, you have to adjust. This causes stress to your hands and wrists. The ergonomic keyboard is engineered and designed AROUND putting your hands in the most relaxed position.

Ergonomic Left Handed Keyboards: Health Benefits

The ergonomic keyboard is engineered to remove health risks such as carpal tunnel syndrome. They can be a key component in improving the health and safety standards of a work environment. They can be part of an overall plan to reduce discomfort and fatigue.