Home office desks

Home Office Desks that are Ergonomic

Healthy Posture and the TaskMate Go – This product line allows you to easily and quickly transform your office desk into a height-adjustable workstation. It clamps on to your existing desk to allow nearly instant changes from standing to sitting. The human body is made for motion. Stagnating in any one position not only can cause nerve hot spots, but also can negatively impact your overall health. By alternating standing and sitting, you will burn more calories, reduce joint pressure, and relieve back and neck pain.

Agility Tables – Wonderful utility tables. Agility tables provide so much flexibility as they are multifunctional, and can be set up and broken back down in a matter of minutes. More and more, rather than constant re-configuration, are using agility tables to quickly adapt to the needs for environmental changes. Some ideal uses include: training rooms, open office setups, or as part of an overall office suite.

Task Training Tables – This is a lightweight, flexible, and economic solution for any group learning environment. They really improve the flexibility of configuration for any classroom or training room.

Instructor Teacher Desks – Furniture can make a big difference in helping a teacher stay organized. Desks that are organized and accommodating can help classes run more smoothly, and become a better learning environment for students.