Adjustable desks

Ergonomics of NON Height Adjustable Desk

The Human Body is Designed to Move – Just think of people you know. Those on their feet all day develop problems with back and joints. Those sitting all day put pressure on their spinal and other systems. However, those on the move tend to be the healthiest! That is why a height adjustable desk is the best ergonomic option.

Just Sitting – Too much sitting results in a general health decline. For example, heart disease is three times more common for professions and conditions that require sitting all day.

Just Standing – Pressure to the lower back is much less than when sitting without proper lumbar support. Standing requires about 20% more energy, but too much continuous standing can put strain on lower body joints.

BOTH Sitting AND Standing – is the best approach to health. Regular movement adjusts the loads being placed on any one particular part of the body. It is similar to exercising in intervals. Doing so reduces atrophy, but also increases rest to certain posture hot spots. Just spend two additional hours (each day) on your feet, and you’ll burn nearly 400 additional calories.

Height Adjustable Desks – Ergonomic Benefits

The height adjustable desk is the closest thing to a healthy one-size-fits-all. They can be used for a variety of people, from the aging to disabled to obese.
Each user can find the working position that best fits a healthy posture for their particular body.
By switching between sitting and standing, individuals will experience reduced fatigue levels, and increased energy levels.
And for employees that must stay in their desks for prolonged periods of time (without breaks) now have an option for their own ergonomic workspace.