Foot Rests

When the Keyboard and Mouse don’t give you enough control over your computer

Get your feet in on the action! That is exactly what a Foot Pedal lets you do!

They really complement your keyboarding and provide more comfort. The ergonomic benefits are that they also decrease the wrist stress which often causes CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).

If you are experiencing pain when using your mouse, then a Foot Pedal may be your solution. Most of the pain associated with mice is from clicking, not by moving the mouse around.

Why are Foot Pedals not yet a mainstream device?

This is a very curious phenomenon because they are a natural and very well established computer interface.

Most people think of Foot Pedals relative to things like gaming. But think of the common uses for them. Long before computing became common and personal, they have been used with pianos, drums, bikes, cars, spinning wheels, electric guitars, and table saws.

And they are a mainstay in such functions as digital voice transcription.

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