Wireless Keyboard with Trackball

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Only 1 left at this low price! - Black USB Wireless

Small, With Big Features

This compact/small Wireless Keyboard with Trackball allows for a wide range of uses. From home entertainment systems to office boardrooms, this keyboard can do the job while providing full size keys and trackball mouse input.

Limited Desk Space?

This Wireless Keyboard was designed for Windows, it has built-in trackball for mouse emulation, wireless input with built-in infrared technology, 88 keys keyboard with embedded numeric keypad and 12 dedicated function keys, and Fully function of 104 keys.


  • Built-in trackball for mouse emulation
  • 88/89 keys keyboard with embedded numeric keypad and 12 dedicated function keys
  • Fully function of 104/105 keys
  • Wireless(Adapter shown to right)

Additional Specifications


  • Transmitter
    • Frequency: 38Khz
    • Effective angle: Within 45 degrees
    • Distance: 7 meters
    • Power: 3VDC(2) 1.5V AA batteries
    • Battery: 400 hours with typical usage
  • Receiver
    • Keyboard interface: IBM AT, PS/2 or USB compatible
    • Power: 5V DC, 300mA max. connected to host computer
    • LED indicator: Num Lock, Caps, Scroll Lock, Power LED and active LED
    • Sensor: High performance and high EMS immunity
  • Trackball
    • Resolution: 200 DPI (X, Y Axis)
    • Signal output: Shift Sin wave (X, Y Axis)
    • Phase shift: 90 + 45 degrees
    • Tracking speed: 250mm/sec


Input Device Information Interface Information
Color Balck Connector Qty 1
Key Pitch 19mm Connector Type  USB
Number of Keys 88 Cable Length 60 Inches
Key Travel 3.0+/-0.3mm Extra Posts(USB)
Switch Type High quality membrane keyswitches Other Internal Functions
Key Life 5 Million Life Cycles
Physical Information Requirements
Dimensions 13.30" x 6.81" x 1.37" Hardware Req. IBM PC with standard PS/2 or USB interface
Actual Weight 1.89 Lbs Drivers Required N/A
Waranty Length 1 Year
Warranty Type Repair or Replacement