Tiny Touch Presentation Keyboard

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Wireless Keyboard with built in Touchpad & Back lit!


This portable Hand Held Keyboard comes with a tiny QWERTY keypad allowing you to transmit keystrokes to your computer from up to 30-feet away via a 2.4GHz radio frequency. Blue-tooth Version is also available allowing you to connect with laptop or most home entertainment Systems. Even use in the dark with the Back-light feature. The Keys glow a low red color when the low light feature is turned on.There is also a 2.8-inch wireless touch pad, so you can control the computer cursor from across the room. Now you can have your Keyboard with you at all times.With the easy rechargeable cord it is easy to make sure you always have it ready to use.

One Handed Typist

This Keyboard with built in Touch pad is great for one handed typist who need all the keys close and easy to use, now with the built in touch pad it gives you everything at your fingertip in a very small area. Don't struggle to type on a Mini Keyboard or even a one handed Keyboard. This Keyboard has everything you need in a Wireless Hand held devices that can be taken anywhere.


Measuring 4.7inx 3.3in x 0.4in
Weight: 2.32 oz
Both versions comes equipped with an RF receiver USB dongle that you can use to connect to the computer.

Blue-tooth version came be used as both Blue-tooth or Wireless

 It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000.