SoftTouch Slim Wireless Keyboard

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Enhanced your PC with the Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard

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The Ultra Slim Wireless Mini Keyboard is a 2.4 GHz Rechargeable wireless keyboard with built in Optical trackball mouse is another best slim wireless keyboard with full mouse functionality. A Step up to enhanced your home entertainment PC with operation range up to 33ft. Superb for presentation room, or home media center or entertainment room

Limited Desk Space?

The Ultra Slim Wireless Mini Keyboard is great for those who have limited desk space. With the optical trackball built in it brings everything all in one board making it easy and comfortable to access. Also cutting down on hand, arm, and neck pain. This is one of the few Mini keyboards that work up to 33ft. and the board is rechargeable and has a low power mode when not in use.

Product Features:

Black with silver trim
Black keys with white lettering
2.4GHz RF technology with 8 channels
Up to 33-foot operation range
Rechargeable battery Function
Ultra slim size design
USB interface
Omni-directional trackball mouse control
2 standard mouse buttons
800 dpi optical trackball
High quality rubber membrane key switches
Operation without directional limitation
Low power consumption
2 LED indicators (Transmitter ,Battery low)