Open Box Lift & Lock Keyboard Tray

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Open Box Keyboard Tray on SALE! 

Mousing surface is adjustable on a swivel and can hide completely under the keyboard tray.

Everything is included...Don't miss out on this unit only!

A dual spring-assisted lift component is used to raise and lower the keyboard tray almost effortlessly. Proxima Centauri systems use the ARMTLS-S arm which incorporates a 6" height adjustment and a +/- 15 degree tilt into a single centrally positioned lever.

The heavy duty ARMTLS-S features all-steel construction and 17.75" Teflon glide tracks.

Don't have the workspace you need?

If you have shoulder or Back pain at the end of the day maybe its time to consider if you are working correctly? Correct officer ergonomics can save your body from repetitive strain injuries.
The placement of your keyboard and mouse is one of the most important thing when it comes to ergonomics. Using your keyboard and mouse in the wrong layout can do so much damage. Ergonomics can be easy you always want to make sure you Keyboard and mouse are always on the same surface. It is not good to use your mouse and keyboard on the same surface as your monitor unless your monitor is raised to an additional height. A full adjustable table can cost way over a $1,000. The Easy Lever Keyboard Tray System is a much cheaper way of achieving that correct ergonomic workstation that you need.