Mini Keyboard with Programmable Buttons

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  • 12.5"L x 5.75"W x 1.2"H

  • 87 standard size keys.

  • Functionality of a 104 keyboard.

  • Great for desk with limited work space.

  • High quality membrane key switches.

  • 14 Internet, Email and Audio Hot Keys that can be reprogrammed to launch any application.

  • Available in the USB w/ 2-Port Hub  

Help For Those Cramped Spaces!

Reducing the Reach.

With this Mini Keyboard, there is now ample room for the mouse to be placed on existing small draws and trays without feeling cramped, or having to reach. This also eliminates the need to up-grade or replace existing draws ortrays.

Another area addressed by the Mini Keyboard, is mouse intensive employees that are experiencing neck and shoulder problems. Many times these problems are related to the positioning of the pointing device. By reducing the reach across the cursor and numeric pads and centralizing the work area, the strain is significantly reduced.

If the numeric keypad is really needed, consider using a keyboard that has the numeric keypad on the left hand side. Left Handed Keyboard You can retrain yourself to use the numeric pad on the left, which also further reduces the use and strain on the right hand side.

Fully compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT (PS/2 only), 2000, XP

Please Note: In order for the multimedia keys to function, you must install the driver software for this keyboard.