BodyBilt S2504A Big & Tall Managerial Chair

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No More Back Pain with the Managerial Task Chair 

The BodyBilt S2504 Series Managerial Task Chair with Standard Pivoting Armrest provides maximum adjustability and positioning. It provides computer-intensive users the necessary equipment to support the weight of the arms and hands and relieve the strain on the neck and shoulder.

Chair is priced with Grade 1 fabric and Inflatable Air Lumbar Back Support.

Other options are available please call for details and pricing 1-877-474-3742.

With proper forearm support, computer users find it easy to keep their wrist straight and their hands floating over the keyboard and mouse.

For increased comfort and flexiblity, the S'port Pivoting Armrest offers a larger (12" x 5.5"), softer arm pad. These are ideal for those users who spend 4 or more hours a day in front of the computer.

  • EMG studies show up to a 75% reduction in muscle tension in the lower back, neck, forearms, and shoulders when the S-Series is adjusted properly.
  • The S-Series center pivot mechanism is ideal for desktop-intensive tasks, from typing and telemarketing, to component assembly and inspection.
  • A 10-Point Posture Control system allows the body to assume a more natural, open posture, significantly relieving muscular tension in key muscle groups.
  • Recommended and prescribed by physicians and physical therapists nationally for the treatment and prevention of sitting-related injuries.

The BodyBilt S2504 Big & Tall Managerial Chair features a 25.5" wide, steel-reinforced seat design, with heavy-duty components on all parts of the chair. This seat, 22% larger than average seats, makes BodyBilt's system of 10-Point Posture Control available for workers of above average weights. All components of the S2504 are fully warranted for users up to 500 lbs