BodyBilt K2507A Series Managerial Chair

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Eliminate Back pain With an Adjustable Customizable Ergonomic Chair 

The BodyBilt K2507 Series Managerial Chair is designed to provide complete support to computing task applications. When used correctly, the BodyBilt K2507 Series Chair not only provides unsurpassed support for your lower back, but it is one of only a very few chairs that gives you the ability to reduce the muscle tension to the neck, shoulders and forearms.

Chair is priced with Grade 1 fabric and Inflatable Air Lumbar Back Support.

Other options are available please call for details and pricing 1-877-474-3742.

Why is Upper-Body Support Critical in Preventing Injuries?

On average, the arms and hands weight 7 to 10 pounds each, which means keying and mousing for extended periods in static positions places tremendous pressure on your neck, shoulders and lower back. The crutch that almost all users revert to (in an effort to relieve this strain) is resting their wrist on the desktop or on a wrist rest while they work.

This working posture only partially reduces the upper body strain, while greatly increasing the risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. (See: Proper use of a Wrist Rest) This is why, when computer users with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis injuries are questioned, nearly all indicate moderate to severe neck and shoulder pain when keying and mousing. The root problem is a need for Proper Forearm Support to relieve upper-body strain.

EMG studies show up to a 75% reduction in muscle tension in the lower back, neck, forearms, and shoulders when the J-Series Chair is equipped and adjusted properly.

What Makes the Armrest on the BodyBilt Chair Superior?

The armrests on the BodyBilt Chairs, like most chairs today, adjust for height and width, but these arm-pads also swivel 360 degrees. When, for more precise positioning, their optional Pivot™ Armrests allow the arm-pads moved right next to your side so you can comfortably support the forearm while keying and mousing.

This superior BodyBilt K2500 Series Managerial Chair provides computer users with the means to support for the weight of the arms and hands and relieve the strain in the neck and shoulder. It is now easy to keep the wrist straight and their hands floating over the keyboard and mouse. See: Basics Principles for Using Forearm Supports:

Most chairs offer armrests with height and a little width adjustability. Some offer a slight pivoting option. But to date, there are only a couple of computer-intensive support chairs that are designed to address the specific need for forearm support while working at the computer.

BodyBilt Chairs offer armrests that adjust for height, width and the arm-pad even swivels 360 degrees. But for more precise positioning, their optional Pivot™ Armrests give you the ability to move the arm-pad in right next to your side. Their range of adjustment allows them to fit a very petite woman or a large man.

What Makes the Seat on the BodyBilt Chair Superior?

Properly designed seating helps redistribute and cushion the body's weight, and prevents excessive pressure on sensitive areas like the Ischial Tuberosities (sitting bones of the buttocks).

BodyBilt accomplishes this in several ways.

  1. Their most popular #7 medium contour seat distributes the user's body weight over a larger surface area, thus reducing overall seated pressure at any one point.
  2. Every BodyBilt Seat comes standard with two layers of multiple densities of foam. The top layer is a Medium Density Foam, to provide a soft, comfortable feeling, while the lower layer of High Density Foam, prevents excessive pressure to the Ischial Tuberosities (sitting bones), during extended periods of sitting.
  3. Each BodyBilt Seat offers the patented Isch Dish™. The inner plastic seat shell has a molded inset to further reduce possible pressure to the sitting bones.
  4. Optional S'port (Memory) Foam is also available.

Chair color options

When you submit your order, please leave a note in the comment field with the color fabric selection you would like.