Mini Keyboard (Corded)

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The Penclic Mini Keyboard's compact, ergonomic design will make you work much more productively and efficiently. Your fingertips will thank you. Your desk will, too. Reclaim your desk and get into a healthy working posture. The new Penclic Mini Keyboard's compact size allows a more natural and relaxed working position to help avoid repetitive strain injury.

Furthermore, its optimal 5 mm profile frees up more space on your desk. Maximized comfort with minimized size. The Penclic Mini Keyboard's low, comfortable, quiet-touch keys minimize noise while you work. Its keys are just the right size to provide good tactile feedback to make you more relaxed and efficient in front of the computer.

The Penclic Mini Keyboard is attractive and stylish. It gives off minimal reflection and comes in colors that match your computer. This is a visual ergonomic improvement that enhances user experience. The relaxing, contemporary colors make this keyboard as easy on the eyes as it is on the fingertips.