Microdesk Regular

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The Microdesk is an adjustable sloped writing platform for the keyboard work position. It enables easy access to the keyboard while working with papers and books. Prevents reaching and twisting as your papers are placed directly in front of you. Suitable for both left and right handed users.
The side parts of the Microdesk are interchangeable to configure two models: (1) The Regular Microdesk has sloped sides suitable for conventional, flat single-surface desktops, and (2) The Step Microdesk has flat notched sides to accommodate keyboard trays, bi-level desks, and low-positioned and large monitors.

  • Sloped writing surface promotes a safe working posture and prevents slumping.
  • Adjustable height and slope for personalized comfort.
  • Height and slope adjustment to fit both standard and ergonomic keyboards.
  • Transparent acrylic allows you to see the keyboard easily through the clear surface.
  • Strong construction allows you to rest your forearms on the surface safely while maximizing your desk space.
  • Removable bottom lip accommodates large documents and media (e.g., blueprints, x-rays).
  • Line guide facilitates reading of detailed data.
  • Easily lifted and stored when not in use.
  • Made in New Zealand.

Package Quantity : 5 pcs/cs