Newtral Large Mouse Wired - Silver/Black

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The Newtral 2 Mouse takes customization to the next level. With three different grip approaches available, this intuitive ergonomic mouse provides comfort and support to all types of users -- and it looks good while doing so.

    • Customized gripping: The Newtral 2 Mouse is fully adaptable, with three different types of neutral grips included. Simply swap in a new grip that focuses on precision, balance, or gel-based comfort for the specific approach to comfort you seek. You’ll also find your perfect size with both medium/small and large options available.
    • Entirely programmable: It’s your mouse -- and with the Newtral 2, you can use it however you like. With 6 entirely programmable buttons on your mouse, you can customize how you navigate to suit your needs.
    • Plug and play technology: You’ll get going right out of the box with the Newtral 2 Mouse. Just connect through your USB cable, and you’ll be ready to take advantage of this mouse’s 4000 DPI precision from the get-go.
    • Sleek and stylish: Available in either silver or black, the Newtral 2 Mouse is sure to blend in with your entire device ecosystem.

When spending long hours at your desk, it’s important that your wrists, joints, and fingers have all of the support they need so that you can avoid pain and stay maximally productive. With the Newtral 2 Mouse, you’ll find just that. Improve your mousing experience by upgrading today.


System Requirements:

The wired Newtral 2 Mouse features easy to use plug and play technology and simply connects to an open USB port on your computer. The Newtral 2 Mouse is compatible with the following operating systems:

Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Mac OS 9+


The Newtral 2 Mouse has an adjustable DPI sensor ranging from 250 - 4000 DPI.  The default adjustable setting are: 750, 1000, 1500, 3000 DPI




Large Newtral 2 Mouse

Length – 6.5 Inches
Width – 3.7 Inches
Height – 2.2 inches
Cable Length: 78.75 Inches