Handshoe Ergonomic Mouse

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Best Ergonomic Mouse

In order to prevent the pains caused by a conventional computer mouse, we developed the best ergonomic solution:  the HandShoe Mouse. This mouse is taking all aspects into consideration. Now your muscles will stay relaxed as your hand is fully supported so there is no more hovering of your fingers. And you don’t have to grip it to move it. Last but not least, the support angle allows for easy movement from the wrist.

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The user friendly HandShoe Mouse is an ergonomic mouse available in 3 standard sizes for right hand: small, medium and large.

The HandShoe Mouse is plug and play; no special drivers for Mac or PC are needed. Controls consist of 2 buttons at an ergonomic position and a scroll wheel fitted with a switch mechanism.

The large size HandShoe Mouse has a third switch button. The Switch button is NOT programmable; it has the same functions as the click function underneath the scroll wheel.

How to Use of the HandShoe Mouse (see image)

To experience maximum benefit we advise as follows:

  1. Sit as relaxed as possible and place your hand on the body of the mouse (1), so it acts like a saddle for the hand
  2. The wrist should be well supported at the tail-end (2) while the fingers and thumb rest on the body of the mouse (3)
  3. Finger tips may just very lightly touch the desktop
  4. Move the HandShoe Mouse in general by means of moving the forearm.
  5. To operate within minute areas on the screen, one may of course move from the wrist
  6. Prevent holding the mouse like presented in picture 2. When one holds the mouse like this, one will not at all experience the advantages of its ergonomic bio-design.
  7. To move the mouse without moving the cursor, just roll it on its side and slide it over your desk.

Your Position at your deskTake care that the height of your desk and chair are correct:

  1. The forearm should be supported by either your desk or the arm rest of your chair (see pictures 1 and 3)
  2. Do not reach, do not allow your arm and or elbow to hover above the desk (see picture 4)
  3. Let your upper arm hang in a comfortable position, alongside your body and support your forearm by the desk or arm rest

Ergonomic Tip:

For your information, the average weight of an arm is around 7 kilograms.
By allowing the arm to hover i.e. not to be supported by desk top and or arm rest, the muscles around the shoulder area have to be continuously active. This will most likely result in unnecessary muscle tension. The weight of hand and arm on the mouse will cause unnecessary friction on the desktop and then moving the mouse may be difficult.

Size Chart: See picture above