Easy Cat Touchpad

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Smarter than a mouse with one-touch vertical and horizontal scroll!

No mouse can do all this! Cirque Smart Cat sets a higher standard of performance and comfort with the new generation of GlidePoint technology. That old mouse or trackball can't compete with effortless contol like this...Intelligent software you can personalize, one-touch scroll and zoom in most applications, distinctive sounds for each operation, and more makes the Cirque Smart Cat the most precise, easy-to-use pointing device in its class

Smart Features:

  • Tap to Left Click -- Simply by tapping your finger in the main area of the pad. 
  • Right Click -- The right tap area is marked on the pad surface with a change of color and texture, and is a Microsoft Plug-and-Play feature. You can customize the feature by installing Cirque's driver.
  • GlideExtend -- Edge extenders are activated when your finger reaches the pad's edge. This Plug-and-Play feature can be customized with installation of the Cirque driver. No more running off the mouse pad!
  • Other -- Sounds and custom speed, sensitivity, and orientation settings are customizable with installation of Cirque's driver. 

System Requirements:

  • IBM PC-compatible desktop, laptop, notebook or subnotebook computer 
  • Easy Cat Touchpad is available in Serial (PS/2 adapter included) or USB versions.
  • One of these operating systems:
    • Windows 95
    • Windows 98
    • Windows NT 4.0
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows XP
    • Mac OSX (with USB version)

Physical Specifications:

  • 2.7 in. long x 3.4 in. wide x 0.5 in. deep
  • 6-ft. cable
  • No contact pressure required; sensitivity adjustable with driver.