The most commonly used definition of "ergonomics" is "fitting the tool to the worker".  Two decades of doing just that is what makes Ergonomics Made Easy uniquely qualified in finding the best tools for you to most effectively minimize the costs of workstation worker pain or injury.

Wherever you work, whether you are an employer or an employee, you face the costs and challenges of ineffective workstation environments: one-size-fits-all keyboards and desks, chairs with no lumbar support, or noisy work environments. In the best case, these minor annoyances can be a major distraction, and often turn into painful Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) that can keep you or your employees out of work for months at a time. 

In 1996 OSHA reported (as confirmed in studies by Blue Cross, Farmers Insurance, the University of Miami and many others) that, with ergonomically designed workstations:

  • Productivity increased 15% to 23% due to physical changes alone.
  • Absenteeism decreased 14% to 75%.
  • Turnover rate decreased 86%.
  • Error rates reduced 56%.
  • Time on task increased 40% (increase in active work time).

Blue Cross found workers comp claims reduced up to 90% in various studies. For example, in looking at 26 workers comp claims, Blue Cross found the medical cost savings to the organization (net of insurance) was $1 million, due to redesigned workstations that included fully adjustable chairs with 5-point bases and desks with adjustable height, drawers, keyboard trays, and adjustable lights.

We encourage you to find further information on why and how to improve workstation environments in our Learning Center. Then look around for the right product for your work and body type in our store. 

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