XK-80 USB Programmable Keyboard

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Enhance your productivity with the X-Keys XK-80 USB Programmable Keyboard. This keyboard has 80 programmable keys with addressable red and blue backlighting that are able to trigger macros, shortcuts, and applications, open files, and more. Key blockers let you hide unused keys to make your own customized control panel.

The XK-80 connects to your computer via USB. It includes software for Windows and Mac as well as three double keys, pre-printed and blank legend sheets, and angled feet. Free software development kits and code samples are also available.


A versatile control solution for any computer application
Supports a wide range of input features
Blue and red backlighting for use in dark working environments
Includes software for Windows and OS X
Emulates keyboard, mouse, game controller, and media commands
Wired USB connection