XK-12 Joystick

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 The X-Keys XK-12 Joystick has twelve dedicated keys with addressable back-lighting in a low profile footprint. The XK-12 Joystick offers twelve user definable keys with an integrated joystick is designed to be suitable for desktop or hand-held operation. The full travel keys have the same feel as a standard keyboard and angled feet give the unit a slight tilt for better viewing of the key legends. Blue and red addressable back-lighting enhances key identification in low light environments.


A versatile control solution for any computer application
12 relegendable keys
Addressable blue back-lighting for each key
Precision three axis USB joystick (twist for Z)
Designed for handheld, desktop, or mounted use
Includes software for Windows and OS X
Free software development kits and code samples
Emulates keyboard, mouse, game controller, and media commands