USB Numeric Keypad-White (MAC)

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Convenient and fully adjustable, the Goldtouch Mac USB Numeric Keypad is just what’s needed for faster, more comfortable data entry and calculations. Unlike attached keypads, this dedicated numeric keypad is easy to position wherever feels best for you, whether that’s to your right, to your left, or right in front of you.

  • Sure to satisfy number crunchers: Unlike other newer numeric keypads, this one provides excellent tactile feedback. And because it’s not attached to your main keyboard, you can place it wherever feels best, leaving ample room for your mouse.
  • Sleek and stylish: This white numeric keypad will fit right in all with all of your other Apple devices.
  • Mac-compatible, out of the box: Works with Mac OS 10.4 and higher without any additional driver installations.
  • Your favorite keys within easy reach: Including: Move quickly to Escape, Tab, Delete, FN, Clear, and Enter; in addition, the Goldtouch Mac Keypad features the home key, page up and page down keys, the end key, and directional arrows. The Goldtouch Mac Keypad also comes equipped with the essentials (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,=,+,-,/, and * as well as the decimal period and comma).

Experience the unparalleled comfort of Goldtouch with this excellent numeric keypad.