Solidtek Slim Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad and iPhone 5310B-BT

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This Solidtek Slim Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Mac and any other device that have HID Bluetooth. Perfect for on-the-go typing and students.


This keyboard WILL ONLY WORK with an HID Bluetooth Profile (see your device specs for details). If your device has an HID Bluetooth Profile and it’s not an Apple product, additional setup may be required to pair the keyboard to your device. We do not provide support for devices running the Android, Symbian and Windows OS. Item does not include a Bluetooth USB Dongle. A pairing code is only provided by the device you are pairing it too if the device has HID Bluetooth.


Non-Apple devices include Tablets and Smartphones running the Android, Symbian and Windows OS.



Ultra thin, space-saving design.
Scissors structure key module makes typing silent and comfortable.
Ultra thin, space-saving and streamlined industrial design.
Not complicated, reliable. Very easy to install, Unsurpassed level of compatibility with standard HID Bluetooth 2.0 Profile across
Auto sleep mode when idle.
Easy setup – automatically re-connects when turned on
Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac