Modular KB for Mac USB BLACK (Cherry Switch Red) Non Click

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KB-ModMac U Non


Our innovative DSI Modular Mac USB Keyboard with Red Mechanical Key Switches with a small 15.5″ footprint provides multiple configurations for different applications including gaming. This is the first true USB 2.0 keyboard on the market. It features high quality Cherry Mechanical key switches providing superior touch type with an interchangeable keypad, touch-pad, and gaming modules. The ergonomic Mac keyboard is designed with the latest hot-key functions for the Mac OS including 6 Key N-Key Rollover function. Currently only available in black.


Modular Mac Red Mechanical Key Switches Features:
90 full size keys featuring Red (non-tactile, non-clicky) Cherry Mechanical Key Switches Good for +50 million cycles. These are the most requested key switches on the market.
Optional modules for mechanical keypad, trackball, touchpad, card reader, iPod charger, mobile phone cradle & more coming soon.


Three high speed USB 2.0 ports enable you to easily connect the modules to either the left side, right side or back of the keyboard. The keyboard also comes with a separate AC adapter (100V to 240V) that plugs in to provide 500mA of continuous power to each USB port for any power hungry USB devices that may require the extra power.


N-Key Rollover Function – Never miss a keystroke again. The Modular Mac keyboard is a power typists and gamers dream. It is pre-programmed to remember the last 16 keystrokes, so if you type really fast, nothing will be missed.


Comes complete with your favorite HotKeys, CD Eject and Volume control buttons, mute, and the Apple key with an enhanced black finish.



Dimension(in): 15.5″ x 5.75″ x 1.1″
Weight: 3.15 lbs
Cable Length: 6 Feet
Key Switch Lifetime: 50 Million Life Cycles
Key Switch type: Red Cherry Mechanical Key Switches
Voltage: 12 V AC / DC Max
Current Input: 10mA