Low Profile Mini Keyboard

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The Perfect Mini Keyboard

The Low Profile Mini Keyboard offered in 2 colors, (Beige-Gray) each with 83 keys, (no windows keys) and full functionality as a 101 key keyboard.

The Black model is offered as an 86 key USB keyboard, does include PS/2 connector. Because of its size and weight, the Low Profile Mini Keyboard is ideal for executives that are always on the move.


Reducing The Reach.

With this Mini Keyboard, there is now ample room for the mouse to be placed on existing small drawers and trays without feeling cramped or having to reach. This also eliminates the need to upgrade or replace existing drawers or trays.Another area addressed by the Mini Keyboard, is mouse intensive employees who are experiencing neck and shoulder problems. Many times these problems are related to the positioning of the pointing device. By reducing the reach across the cursor and numeric pads and centralizing the work area, the strain is significantly reduced. Formore information on the importance of positioning.                                           

                                 Fully compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, Vista, & Windows 7


  • Lightweight: 1.32 lbs.
  • Embedded Numeric Keypad
  • 83 keys with full 101-key functionality
  • 86 keys with 104-key functionality(Black is available in 86 key, USB model only)
  • Colors: Gray - Beige available in PS/2 only The Low Profile Mini Keyboard 83 Key uses reliable Gold Crosspoint Mechanical Key-Switches, rated at 20 million operations each, to provide you with a precise, crisp touch and feel that other keyboards can't offer.


Input Device Information Interface Information
Color Beige, Gray or Black Connector Qty 1
Key Pitch  16.8mm Connector Type PS/2 or USB
Number of Keys 83 Keys with 101-key compatibility Cable Length 6'7"
Key Travel 0.47" Extra Ports(USB)  
Switch Type Cherry Key switches Other Internal Functions  
Key Life > 20 Million Life Cycles    
Physical Information Requirements
Dimensions 11.1" x 5.2" x 1" Hardware Req. IBM PC with standard PS/2 or USB interface
Warranty Length 1year