Inter-Media Wireless Keyboard

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The Inter-Media Keyboard is a Keyboard or Remote

This Inter-Media Wireless Keyboard gives you three functions in a compact and sleek form factor with a keyboard, a mouse and remote! Inter-Media Wireless Keyboard has a very low profile and is very compact. It has 16 hotkeys that enable you to easily and conveniently control multimedia functions. With its built-in pointing device/mouse and remote control functions, it gives you the freedom to remotely control your PC. You get the freedom to sit on the couch or anywhere in your living room and have the ability to interact with your Media Player with No wires, making your Media Player simple and enjoyable. This wireless keyboard gives you the freedom to work up to 10M away from your computer and still be able to interact with it. It is an extremely comfortable yet durable keyboard with excellent tactile feedback in a sleek, ergonomic design. Command the Media Player of your PC from the comfort of your sofa.


Multi-function design: Wireless keyboard, integrated mouse and remote.

2.4 GHz RF technology in an ergonomic design for comfortable laptop and desktop use. 

2.4 GHz RF mini receiver with USB connector with range of up to 10M.

16 hotkeys(see below) for controlling multimedia functions.


  • Back: previous screen
  • Forward: next screen
  • Refresh: update information
  • Search
  • Favorites: select web page from your list 
  • Internet: start web browser
  • Email 
  • My computer: see your system
  • Media: open media player
  • Play/Pause
  • Pre Track
  • Next Track
  • Stop
  • Volume up
  • Volume down
  • Mute


Input Device Information Interface Information
Color Black Connector Qty 1
Key Pitch Connector Type USB
Number of Keys 88 Keys Cable Length 6'7"
Key Travel Extra Posts(USB) two extra USB ports
Switch Type soft tactile feedback Other Internal Functions Embedded numeric keypad
Key Life
Physical Information Requirements
Dimensions 16" X 7 X 0.75" Hardware Req. IBM PC with standard USB interface
Actual Weight Drivers Required N/A
Waranty Length 1 Year