Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard

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Unlike most keyboards, the Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard places the numeric keypad on the left, making more room for mousing. This eliminates overreaching, allowing you to keep your arm in a natural position as you use your keyboard and mouse.


  • Works the way you do: Quickly locate the Enter, Del, Page Up, Page Down, arrows, and other keys in the numeric keypad on the left.
  • Extra keys: The Comfort Keyboard’s compact size make it perfect for limited space environments.
  • Hot Keys: Enjoy one-touch access to the Internet, e-mail, media player, volume control, standby, power off, and other functions.

For number crunchers and other heavy keyboard users, the intuitive design of the Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard will speed the pace of work and reduce discomfort.