Essential Full Featured Compact Keyboard, wired

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EKB Evoluent

The Evoluent Essentials Keyboard is essentially a modern laptop-style keyboard with no numeric keypad and the navigation keys located in a single column on the right side. The full-size keycaps and standard 19.05 mm key pitch (the space between the keys) are similar to what one finds on most standard laptop keyboards. It features an ultra-thin housing with a neutral profile and uses high quality crisp low-travel scissor-switch membrane keyswitches with completely flat keycap tops (no contour or depression), making it ideal for applications where portability is a consideration. To address the reduced tactility and keying accuracy which arises from low travel flat keycaps, tactile raised bumps (both dots and ridges) on a variety of keycaps beyond the traditional 'F' and 'J' provide some positional feedback to the fingertips. The Evoluent Essentials keyboard also includes twelve hot keys (including Cut, Copy, Paste and multimedia functions) and is plug and play. 

Note: This compact keyboard does not have an embedded number pad or navigation layer. It also has no Scroll Lock and no Pause/Break keys.

Ergonomic Benefits
Eliminates Overreaching for the Mouse - Regular size keyboards with integrated numeric keypads on the right make reaching for your mouse on the right-hand side an ergonomic risk factor. The further you have to reach for the mouse (from the dominant hand home row, over the navigation keys, over the numeric keypad), the greater the risk of injuries to the arm and shoulder due to overreaching. The Evoluent Essentails Compact Keyboard eliminates this potential risk factor by eliminating the built-in numeric keypad.

Full Size Keycaps and Spacing - Standard sized keycaps and key pitch (the space between the keys) results in no learning curve when transferring keyboarding skills to this keyboard. On most compact keyboards, the function (F1-F12), cursor/arrow (↑↓←→) and modifier keys (ALT/CTRL/SHIFT) are usually smaller than normal resulting in keying errors and frustration. This is not the case on this keyboard where all 84 standard keys preserve all touch typing skills previously acquired.

One-Touch Hotkeys - Hotkeys provide one touch access to common feature including Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Web, E-mail, Computer, Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up, Sleep, and Turn Off.

Tactile Raised 'Bumps' - Positional feedback is provided on this keyboard on more than just the traditional 'F' and 'J' keys. A combination of raised 'dots' and raised 'ridges' on a variety of keys provide significant relief surface feedback to the fingertips which aid touch typists and reduce the frequency of looking down to correctly target specific keys. Here is a complete list of the the tactile indicators.

Ultra-Thin Neutral Profile - The extremely low profile (key tops are only 0.4" or 1 cm off the top of the desk) eliminate the possibility of wrist extension (i.e. bending 'up' at the wrist) when using this keyboard. The neutral profile ensures that all keys are at the same height, unlike most keyboards which have a positive profile resulting in the function row being significantly higher than the bottom row on the keyboard (even with the legs at the back not deployed).
  • Full Size Keycaps and Tactile Raised Bumps: No learning curve when switching to this keyboard, one of the first truly compact keyboards (but not a 'mini' keyboard) on the market.
  • High Quality Scissor-Switch Membrane Keys: Precision scissor-switch membrane keyswitches provide crisp keying action and fast snap-back of the keys after actuation, unlike some compact keyboards which use non-stabilized wobbly membrane keys which lack crispness and feel mushy.
  • No Function Key Required: All keyboard actions are directly accessible with a single key, no 'Fn' key embedded layer multi-key actions are required.
  • Plug and Play: No driver or software required.