ErgoSecure SC2.0 Smartcard USB Keyboard (Black)

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Goldtouch, the leader in ergonomic computer peripherals, introduces the ErgoSecure SC2.0 adjustable keyboard. By integrating smart card technology for positive verification of user identity, ErgoSecure combines proven ergonomic design with a high level of access, communication and transaction security.

The patented, segmented Goldtouch keyboard is the most advanced device of its kind. Simple to adjust, it permits the user to change the configuration both horizontally and vertically, reducing discomfort for the user.

ErgoSecure SC2.0 from Goldtouch. A user-friendly, security solution that's easy to use, easy to implement and provides the enterprise with two levels of protection.

Goldtouch ErgoSecure SC2.0 utilizes the SCM STC II chip Smart Card reader. This technology is compliant with many crucial existing and emerging banking and IT standards and supports a wide range of e-commerce, authentication, PKI, and network security based applications.

With today’s ever growing need for improved security and identity verification in both the government and private sector (banking, healthcare, transportation, etc.), Goldtouch has combined our patented and proven ergonomic split-keyboard design with Smart Card-reading technology to create the only ergonomic keyboard with an embedded card-reader - the ErgoSecure SC2.0.

As one of only three keyboards and the only ergonomic keyboard  to pass the demanding FIPS-201 standards set forth by the National Institute of Standards & Technology for HSPD-12 (the large Federal Identity Management program), the ErgoSecure keyboard is now utilized by all branches of the military, various Federal Assistive Technology programs (i.e. USDA’s TARGET, GSA’s CITA, DOD’s CAP, etc.), and numerous Federal agencies.

Many state/local governments and businesses are now adopting these very NIST standards so as to streamline implementation of their own Identity Management programs. In so doing, IT and Security will be looking for proven authentification hardware that can reliably verify one’s identity and authorized level of logical access. Not only does the ErgoSecure meet such requirements, but it also:

  • Addresses the Federal Section 504/508 needs of the physically impaired and repetitive motion injured
  • Reduces and eliminates awkward and uncomfortable typing postures - often a precursor to repetitive motion injuries, Workers’ Comp claims and Lost Work Days
  • Eliminates the cost of stand-alone card readers and their required IT support
  • Increases desktop space by eliminating stand-alone readers
  • Increases Smart Card "front & center" visibility, thus decreasing the incidence of accidental "card leave-behind" from out-of-the-way card reader placement