Easy Media Keyboard

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DS92/FK 750

The Easy Media Keyboard has Comfort and Mobility

With the Mini Wireless Media Keyboard you have the option to sit back and work from your couch or carry around in a board meeting. The unique features this keyboard offers will allow you to work at ease with the Mini Wireless Media Keyboard. The Keyboard has the built in trackball that gives you the right and left mouse click above and below it. On the back side there is also a right and left mouse click buttons. It allows you to choose how you want to hold the keyboard to best fit your situation. With the built in multimedia keys it makes it easy to access programs with just a touch of a button.

Think simple, think comfort! Try the Mini Wireless Media keyboard today!


   1. Streamlined full-featured RF keyboard built-in track ball, with optical technology.
   2. 2.4 GHz radio frequency, 10 meters effective working range.
   3. Bidirectional RF freguency.
   4. USB Receiver Connector.
   5. 360-degree navigation, sleek and elegant design.
   6. Mini size, enables handheld operation and effortless typing.
   7. Channel: 8 channel.
   8. Built-in two sets of mouse key:
         1. one set on front right side with scroll to skip extra mouse.
         2. one set on back of keyboard, convenient for gaming use.
   9. Buit-in trackball at right side & scroll wheel at left side, easy for scroll both right hand and left hand.
  10. Hot keys: MCE Key My TV My Video My Picture My Music Live TV Pre-page, next-page, WWW, e-mail, my computer, pre-track, next-track, stop, play / pause, mute, volume-down, volume-up.
  11. Mouse: Optical type, 800 dpi.
  12. Battery Type : 2 AA batteries

Input Device Information Interface Information
Color Black Connector Qty 1
Key Pitch Connector Type USB
Number of Keys 86 Keys Cable Length Wireless
Switch Type soft tactile feedback  Other Internal Functions Embedded numeric keypad
Key Life
Physical Information Requirements
Dimensions 15.7 in x 6.7 in x1.3 in, Hardware Req. IBM PC with standard USB interface
Waranty Length 1 Year