Handshoe Right Hand Wireless (LGHT CLK)

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The wireless HandShoe Mouse uses a lithium ion battery which can only be removed by professional service providers. Battery life is around 2 years. Operating time for the wireless version is around 4 weeks. Charging of the wireless version takes around 3 hours. Charging takes place by means of USB cable; The PC or laptop needs to be switched on during charging. One can continue working while charging the battery; the micro receiver / dongle must be in place Poll rate (Hertz) of the electronics is 113~118Hz and up to 120Hz. Wireless range of the receiver is 10 m Receiver / dongle is fitted with a LED light which goes on and off when operating the mouse.

  • Available in three sizes for the right hand. Measure hand from the first crease in the wrist to the end of the ring finger with the hand in a stretched position.
  • Large = 7 1/2" or Greater
  • wireless version
  • Color: black
  • BlueRay Track technology makes it work on almost every surface without a mouse mat.

Package Quantity : 20 pcs/cs