Dos and Don’ts When Using a Sit Stand Desk

The human body was made to move. Benefits of movement and exercise include lower blood pressure, reduced body fat, increased flexibility and better cardiovascular health, according to the American Council on Exercise. Movement also helps to improve mood, endurance and the ability to adapt to change.

Tips to Better Sit Stand Desk Usage

But, it’s not always easy to move, especially at work. In fact, work is the one place where you get paid to sit for hours. Years ago, few people knew about the downsides of sitting. As more people become enlightened about the benefits of movement at work, the numbers of employees and contractors using a sit stand desk are rising.

That’s good. What’s not good is using a sit stand desk the wrong way. If you don’t know the right way to use a standing desk, you could start using the wrong posture and not even know it. Following are important dos and don’ts when using a standing desk.

To begin, make sure that the sit stand desk is the right height. You shouldn’t have to stretch or lean over to see your computer monitor or type on the keyboard. The top of your computer monitor should be nearly even with your eyes when you stand.

Stand erect. Avoid slouching. You may find this easier if you wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Consider keeping a foot rest beneath your sit stand desk, so you can shift your weight from foot to foot as needed. Remember, you want to be comfortable. You don’t just want to stand.


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