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  • The Alpha Cart is a versatile, mobile, and modular cart ideal for document cameras, projectors, laptops, and other audio/visual equipment.
  • The small footprint ensures nimble performance even in tight quarters. 
  • Frame includes 3" locking casters on a stable star base, and three independently height adjustable equipment shelves.
  • Center post acts as a hub, allowing for the three included shelves to be positioned exactly where you need them. 
  • Cable management clips keep cords under control.
  • Laptop/keyboard shelf is angled 7°, measures 15.75" x 11.75", and includes a mouse platform (6" x 6.63") that swivels beneath when not in use.
  • Projector shelf measures 15" x 11" and includes an adjustable equipment security strap.
  • Document camera shelf measures 15" x 13.63", includes an adjustable equipment security strap, and a retractable platform (13.5" x 8.63") for projection materials.
  • All shelves include non-skid EVA pads.