Choosing A Sit Stand Desk


Dentists, physicians, corporate executives and office assistants have been turning to ergonomics equipment when looking for ways to reduce or eliminate back, shoulder, wrists and neck pain for decades. Thanks to recent research on the effects of sitting for extended periods, avid runners, walkers and other people who are physically fit have also started using ergonomics equipment like a sit stand desk. 

Factors to consider before you get a sit stand desk

Growing awareness of the benefits that are gained from using a standing desk have seen the numbers of ergonomics products expand. In addition to a sit stand desk, there is a dual monitor stand, electric standing desks, stand up office desk and tall office chairs for standing desks.

The ergonomics market has grown to the point that it can be tough to choose a sit stand desk that’s right for you. If you’ve used standing desks, a dual monitor stand, an adjustable standing desk attachment or other ergonomics products before, look for a sit stand desk that offers more support and mobility than the current ergonomics products you’ve been using does.

For example, if your current standing desk is too large to allow you to add a long desk to your office, go for a sit stand desk that has a larger vertical than horizontal build. As a first time ergonomics products user, consider whether you need fully built standing desks or an ergonomics accessory. Because your ergonomics needs may change over time, also look for a sit stand desk that:

  • Supports your entire body as you transition from sitting to standing and vice versa
  • Encourages you to be mobile (just as it’s not good to sit for hours at a time, it’s also not advisable to stand for hours, as both prolonged sitting and standing can put pressure on your back and knees)
  • Allows you to raise and lower the sit stand desk dual monitor table
  • Lets you attach sit stand computer solutions like adjustable keyboard trays, copy holders and wrists support stations
  • Is durable and steady
  • Comes in neutral colors that complement the furniture in your office, whether your office is at a large facility or right at home


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