XK-3 Foot Pedal (Front Hinged)

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  • The XK-3 Front Hinged Foot Pedal from X-keys is a computer navigation device that provides the same functionality as pressing buttons on a mouse. It is USB plug-and-play with virtually all operating systems, and also supports programming on Windows and OS X for use in custom applications.

This version is front-hinged, and is ideal for functions where momentary activation serves the task (mouse clicking for example). There is also a rear-hinged version for functions where continuous activation serves the task (transcription playback for example).


Use Instead of a Mouse
Holding the center pedal down keeps the mouse button active to allow for drag and drop operations. Clicking with a foot can help alleviate RSI (repetitive stress) issues if the operator experiences pain performing mouse click operations by hand
Three Programmable Pedals
This version of the XK-3 features front-hinged pedals. Three pedals are provided for instant momentary activation of a computer command such as a mouse click or hot key trigger. Activation requires just slight additional pressure from the toe or ankle. This design is optimized for mouse clicking and drag-and-drop operations. The outside pedals provide additional functions and are easily reached to the left or right of the main pedal
Software Reprogramming and SDK Support
Although the XK-3 works universally with any operating system or software that accepts mouse inputs, you may want to program it for custom applications. To this end, X-keys provides free tools downloadable from their website. For Windows they offer MacroWorks 3.1 and for OS X they offer ControllerMate. In addition, SDKs (software developer kits) are available with support for multiple programming languages for Windows, Linux, Android, and Raw HID, the latter supporting any language and OS