X-Keys 10x8 Mounting Kit

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The XK-A-10X8-BU 10 x 8" Mounting Kit from X-Keys includes one modular hose double socket, two modular hose ball mounts, two polycarbonate mounting plates, and six assembled segments of modular hose.


The included X-keys brackets are made of high grade industrial polycarbonate. These brackets come pre-machined with holes to fit up to three modular hose mounts or a standard 75mm VESA mounting. This kit is used to mount compatible X-keys to a second plate, which can be screwed, bolted, or otherwise attached to any flat surface. For getting the desired elevation height, you can add or remove the modular hose links from the included assembled segments of modular hose. For turning the flexible arm into a cord conduit, you can even add a pair of modular hose Y connectors (available separately).

Fits all XK-60, XK-80, and XK-68 series controls
Made in USA