Industrial Foot Switch with Full Guard

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The XK-A-1168-SJC1FG-R Industrial Foot Switch with Full Guard from X-keys is designed to be a rugged foot switch which works with the X-keys USB 12 and USB 2 Switch Interfaces. Additionally, this footswitch can control any computer-based application, such as; CuePrompter, Windows, Dragon Naturally Speaking and DocWrite. Examples of this working in studios, labs, and offices in the real world include; assistive tech, transcription, and prompting.

This foot switch is suitable for mouse-click, key press or other operations where a momentary activation is required.


Suitable for use with the X-keys USB Switch Interface
Painted cast aluminum body and guard with built in mounting flange
Wired to 3.5mm (1/8") mono plug on 114" (2.9m) ruggedized cord