Accessories for Contoured keyboards - Single foot switch (includes phone-style RJ11 coupler)

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This elegant, premium pedal is front-hinged and has a textured surface. For most users, it provides more comfort and control than the outer pedals of the Triple Pedal Foot Switch. It comes with a 10 foot cable and works with all models (past and present) of Kinesis Advantage keyboards. A self-adhesive, hook & loop tab is provided to anchor the pedal to the floor if desired.

Perfect for offloading work from overused hands and fingers. Use it for triggering often used key actions such as “Shift”, “Space” or “Tab” or activating the Adantage keyboard’s embedded keypad.

  • Pedals are front-hinged and rounded for easy triggering, made from black, glass-reinforced nylon
  • Small footprint (2.5 x 3.5 inches) is ideal for confined spaces
  • Rounded, textured surface for confident control
  • Adjustable activation force